“A collection of dark and fierce flash. Demmer’s short tales of horror and the weird will delight, disturb, and unsettle readers.” — Maria Haskins, author of Dark Flash

“Calvin Demmer has a lean writing style that is delicious in collections. These short stories deliver punches to the reader and then end before a recovery is possible!” — Somer Canon, author of Killer Chronicles

“THE SEA WAS A FAIR MASTER is a literary kaleidoscope made from flesh with razor-sharp fragments twisting inside to form a bloody trunkful of blending images and genres, sci-fi and crime and horror mix to reveal vignettes as terse and surprising as a night of binge-watching The Twilight Zone. Demmer leaves no fear untouched – sharks and clowns and serial killers pepper these stories, daring the reader to turn the page, not knowing what fresh horror awaits them. A strong debut by a masterful new voice in horror. Don’t miss it.” — Philip Fracassi, author of Behold the Void

“Demmer’s debut moves like a rabid dog straining against its chain. Each story hits like a flash of sharp teeth, every tale snarling with its own sudden bite. This is an engaging first collection from a versatile new talent.” — Karen Runge, author of Seeing Double

“Connection. Disconnection. Loneliness. Love. Friendship. Murder. These are but a few of the elements of great horror, and Calvin Demmer expertly blends each one into his fiction—to a supremely devastating and unsettling effect.” — Gwendolyn Kiste, author of And Her Smile Will Untether the Universe


“Short, sharp and definitely shocking, The Town That Feared Dusk is a grim tale that picks you up, buckles you in, and speeds away on a chilling ride that veers left just when you think you want to go right.” — Renee Miller, author of Stranded

“Calvin Demmer is a rising star in the weird firmament. It’s possible that his work might change your life forever. This short story is a good example of his craft and impact.” — Duane Pesice, author of Before Crazytown

“Prepare to face a menacing supernatural force that’ll have you questioning the veil between heaven and hell. An edge-of-your seat story with a mind-bending conclusion.” — Theresa Braun, author of Fountain Dead

“The story is a gripping one from the off, plunging us straight into the news room of the central character, journalist Sylvia Bernstein and a disturbing mystery, left unsolved by her deceased predecessor. When she decides to dig for more, the sense of foreboding kicks in and the tension steps up and up as we discover the grisly truth.” — Kev Harrison, author of Cinders Of A Blind Man Who Could See


“Calvin Demmer’s Dark Celebrations presents a cornucopia of creaturely delights. Within these twelve short stories, ghosts, vampires, werewolves, zombies, mermaids, a mummy, and all manner of scary beasts inflict their particular and individual forms of horror on their victims. Each story is a complete gem in itself, as the author has taken familiar themes and given them a unique twist. The final, apocalyptic, tale unites the entire collection and delivers an unexpected and rewarding finale. Calvin Demmer is an author to savor.” – Catherine Cavendish, author of The Haunting of Henderson Close

“Calvin Demmer’s latest is true to its name: a dark celebration of the classic horror monsters that have stalked the annals of the genre for the past two hundred years; Demmer leaves an indelible mark on those histories with each tale in this collection, and his words will lull you into submission so that you don’t see the explosive (and interconnected!) ending coming.” – Christa Carmen, author of Something Borrowed, Something Blood-Soaked

“Dark Celebrations by Calvin Demmer, the follow up collection to his debut The Sea Was a Fair Master, is stunning in its conception. An examination of traditional horror tropes linked thematically by holidays, the tales are ultimately about humanity. All those assembled monsters within allow Demmer’s well-crafted handling of love and grief, duty and pride to have teeth that much sharper. Dark Celebrations is a collection about us – how we view the monsters we’re familiar with, and the monsters we’ve casually become.” – Brian Fatah Steele, author of Bleed Away The Sky

“Calvin Demmer tromps through our holidays and traditions with a gleeful smile, and a knife behind his back. Kinetic and fun, Dark Celebrations is certainly something to celebrate.” – Sean M. Thompson, author of TH3 D3MON