Praise for the Dark Celebrations stories:

“Calvin Demmer brings the Dark Celebrations series to a close with a BANG! Independence Denied comes of as if H.P. Lovecraft would have written the book of Revelations! Another great read from Demmer that I highly recommend!” — M.R. Tapia, author of Sugar Skulls

“I assumed I wasn’t going to like the main guy based on what little we know of him at the beginning. However, by the end, you really do feel for this rich, unfortunate kid. And the girl isn’t exactly as she appears at first either. Once again, this author’s creativity impressed me in just a few short pages.” — Sunshine Somerville, author of The Kota

“As a stand-alone short story, the strength is in its use of misdirection. The reader is taken on several twists as the obstacles multiply and the main character find himself sinking in an ever expanding quagmire of horror. Yes, this is a Valentines Day story, but is pertinent at any time: the allegories of being a fool for love, or hiding and misrepresenting ourselves in order to be loved like we feel that we deserve, are cautionary tales we can’t escape at any time of the year.” — S.E. Casey, author of Stygian Doorways