Flash Fiction

"Ana" Published at Dark Fuse Magazine, #DFTinyTerrors Wall of Fame (November 2016 winner). November, 2016.
"Blind Teddy" Published at Shotgun Honey. September, 2016.
"The Cremator" Published at Twitter. #DFTinyTerrors. Entry 1. November, 2016.
"The Guests" Published at AntipodeanSF. January, 2017.
"Letting the Dead Grow" Published in Ravenwood Quarterly, Issue 2. October, 2016.
"Neighbors" Published at Twitter. #DFTinyTerrors. Entry 3. November, 2016.
"On the Seventh Day" Published at Theme of Absence. July, 2016.
"The Peeper" Published in Mystery Weekly Magazine, December Issue. December, 2015.
"Revenge of the Myth" Published at Deadman's Tome. December, 2016.
"Sea Ate Nine" Published in The Sirens Call E-Zine, Issue 26 (Dreamscapes of the Wicked). May, 2016.
. . . . . Reprinted in The Literary Hatchet, Issue 16. December, 2016.
"Slugger Saves" Published in Zen of the Dead, Anthology. Popcorn Press. November, 2015.
. . . . . Reprinted in The Sirens Call E-Zine, Issue 29 (Hallowe'en Hell). October, 2016.
"The Snakes or the Humans?" Published in Mad Scientist Journal: Winter 2017 (Volume 20). December, 2016.
"Voodoo Child" Published in Madame Movara's Tales of Terror Charity Anthology. October, 2016.
"West" Published in Disturbed Digest, Issue 12. March, 2016.
. . . . . Reprinted at Digital Fiction Pub: QuickFic (Horror). July, 2016.
"Yara" Published in The Antares Anthology, Volume 1. Nordland Publishing. November, 2016.
"Your Ex" Published at Twitter. #DFTinyTerrors. Entry 2. November, 2016.