Short Fiction

“Angels” Published in Under the Bed, Vol. 04 No. 10, July, 2016.

“A Western Promise” Published in Broadswords and Blasters, Issue 2. July, 2017.

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“Blood is Red” Published in WitchWorks Presents: Dark Love. May, 2016.

“Countdown to Extinction” Published in Phantaxis Magazine, Issue 2. December, 2016.

“The Destroyer” Published in Empyreome Magazine. July, 2017.

“Dogman” Published in Devolution Z, Issue 9. April, 2016 | Reprinted in Lupine Lunes: Horror Poems & Short Stories, Anthology. Popcorn Press. December, 2016.

“Dying Valentine” Published at Amazon. Dark Celebrations #7. February, 2017.

“Evolution = Crime” Published at Yellow Mama Magazine, Issue 63. August, 2017.

“Faster” Published at Amazon. (Kindle). October, 2014 | Reprinted in Deadhead Miles Volume 2, Anthology. FoF Publishing. August, 2016.

“Fear the Clowns” Published in Trickster’s Treats #1. October, 2017.

“Forbidden Fruit” Published in The Society of Misfit Stories Presents: Forbidden Fruit. Series. Bards and Sages Publishing. January, 2017.

“The Guests” Published at AntipodeanSF. January, 2017.

“Happy Dark Year” Published at Amazon. Dark Celebrations #6. January, 2017.

“Heartless” Published in Sanitarium Magazine, Issue 29. January, 2015 | Reprinted in 9Tales Told in the Dark #16. August, 2016.

“Hungry Ghosts” Published at Amazon. Dark Celebrations #1. July, 2016.

“Illusion” Published in Pilcrow & Dagger, October Issue. October, 2015.

“Independence Denied” Published at Amazon. Dark Celebrations #12. July, 2017.

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“Labor Day Hunt” Published at Amazon. Dark Celebrations #2. August, 2016.

“Letting the Dead Grow” Published in Ravenwood Quarterly, Issue 2. October, 2016.

“Like a Spanish Guitar” Published in Coming Around Again, Anthology. Central Arkansas Speculative Fiction Writers’ Group. June, 2016.

“The Lioness Must Hunt” Published in Switchblade Magazine, Issue 3. October, 2017.

“Love Electric” Published at Deadman’s Tome. July, 2016.

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“No Bullets McCaw” Published in Hangmen and Bullets: An Anthology of Western Noir. Dead Guns Press. July, 2016.

“On the Seventh Day” Published at Theme of Absence. July, 2016.

“The Peeper” Published in Mystery Weekly Magazine, December Issue. December, 2015.

“Poison” Published in The Sirens Call E-Zine, Issue 21 (Eco-Horror). June, 2015.

“Prisoner Reincarnated” Published in The Prison Compendium, Anthology. EMP Publishing. December, 2016.

“Prom Screams” Published at Amazon. Dark Celebrations #10. May, 2017.

“Red” Published in Through Clouded Eyes: A Zombie’s Point of View, Anthology. Sirens Call Publications. May, 2016.

“Restroom Finds” Published at Robin Lee’s Darkside. April, 2017.

“Revenge of the Myth” Published at Deadman’s Tome. December, 2016.

“Scarecrow” Published in Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine, Summer 2016. July, 2016.

“Sea Ate Nine” Published in The Sirens Call E-Zine, Issue 26 (Dreamscapes of the Wicked). May, 2016 | Reprinted in The Literary Hatchet, Issue 16. December, 2016.

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“She Will Rise” Published at Amazon. Dark Celebrations #9. April, 2017.

“Spring Outbreak” Published at Amazon. Dark Celebrations #8. March, 2017.

“Thanks Sinning” Published at Amazon. Dark Celebrations #4. November, 2016.

“The Small Hours Broadcast” Published in Surreal Nightmares, Anthology. April, 2016.

“The Snakes or the Humans?” Published in Mad Scientist Journal: Winter 2017 (Volume 20). December, 2016.

“Three Dead Men” Published at Amazon. Dark Celebrations #5. December, 2016.| Reprinted in Mummy Knows Best, Anthology. October, 2017.

“Tour of Duty” Published in The Great Tome of Fantastic and Wondrous Places, Anthology. Bards and Sages Publishing. September, 2016.

“Trick or Death” Published at Amazon. Dark Celebrations #3. October, 2016. | Reprinted in Ravenwood Halloween Special. October, 2017.

“Underneath” Published in Massacre Magazine, Issue 6. April, 2015.

“Unidentified Fatherly Object” Published at Amazon. Dark Celebrations #11. June, 2017.

“Voodoo Child” Published in Madame Movara’s Tales of Terror Charity Anthology. October, 2016 | Reprinted in Schlock! Webzine, Volume 11, Issue 8. April, 2017.

“West” Published in Disturbed Digest, Issue 12. March, 2016 | Reprinted at Digital Fiction Pub: QuickFic (Horror). July, 2016.

“What is Love?” Published in Hardened Hearts, Anthology. Unnerving. December, 2017.

“Xmas” Published in Morpheus Tales, Issue 27. October, 2015 | Reprinted in Creepy Campfire Quarterly, Issue 4. October, 2016.

“Yara” Published in The Antares Anthology, Volume 1. Nordland Publishing. November, 2016.