Sylvia Bernstein doesn’t want to end up on a dead-end path like a former journalism colleague. She begins searching the tabloid’s archives for a story that can get her career back on track. A strange bridge, with an abnormally high rate of suicides, seems like the perfect place to start. She journeys to the little town, eager to investigate, but encounters a tale far more sinister than she ever expected…

“Short, sharp and definitely shocking, The Town That Feared Dusk is a grim tale that picks you up, buckles you in, and speeds away on a chilling ride that veers left just when you think you want to go right.” — Renee Miller, author of Stranded

“Demmer has once again impressed me with his ability to write a complex storyline in such a short format. The depth of the town’s history and its ‘main attraction’ was riveting every minute of the journey.” — Horror After Dark

“Calvin Demmer is a rising star in the weird firmament. It’s possible that his work might change your life forever. This short story is a good example of his craft and impact.” – Duane Pesice, author of Before Crazytown

“This is one of those short stories that packs a punch. It was fun, fast paced and short enough to read on your break from work. You should read it!” — Char’s Horror Corner

“Prepare to face a menacing supernatural force that’ll have you questioning the veil between heaven and hell. An edge-of-your seat story with a mind-bending conclusion.” — Theresa Braun, author of Fountain Dead

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